Why choose Ethical Building and Pest Services?

Comprehensive building and pest services

With Ethical Building and Pest Services able to provide a complete range of building inspection and pest control services, homeowners have convenience of support covering a range of home ownership issues, just a phone call away. Whether you are selling, buying or maintaining a property, we have you covered...

Experienced building inspection and pest control professional

Mick Ffrench the owner is a qualified building, building inspection and pest control professional with over 15 year experience. As a small company, Mick does all the work himself so you can have confidence that you are getting the best possible service. Ethical Building and Pest Services carry all the required licenses and insurance.

Unbiased reporting

For building and pest inspections unbiased reporting is vital. Many inspectors receive a lot of their work through referrals from real estate agents. If the inspector is carrying out an inspection on a property being sold by the same real estate agent they get referral work from, there is an obvious conflict of interest. At Ethical Building and Pest Services we do not receive much work referral work from Real Estate agents. However, if the property you ask us to inspect is being sold by a real estate agent we work with, we will let you know at the time of booking and you can make a decision whether you wish to proceed. We believe we can provide an unbiased service, but we feel it is important to declare such relationships so the customer (you) can make an informed decision.


By having a single point of contact for a range of building and pest control needs it removes the inconvenience of dealing with two separate companies. We are proud that not only do we provide the most comprehensive reports, we can provide a fast turnaround time, vital when a quick purchase decision may be required.

Great value

Being a small, local operator we can still provide our quality services at a very competitive price. But our great value service goes beyond price. We have many long time customers who benefit from the free ongoing advice we can provide, whenever homeowners have a building or pest issue to discuss - just give us a call to discuss, anytime!

Areas serviced

Ethical Building and Pest Services cover all areas of Canberra, Queanbeyan and surrounding districts.