June / July offer:

50% off rodent treatments with each termite inspection

The offer: Book a termite inspection before the during June and July 2016 and when we carry out the termite inspection we will provide a rodent bait treatment with a 50% discount.

Limitations: The rodent bait treatment is limited to provide a preventative treatment or deal with a low level rodent problem. If we arrive on site to find a major rodent infestation, we reserve the right to limit the offer. In such case we will provide a quote for a comprehensive rodent control program.

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Why do I need a termite inspection?

With 1 in 5 homes in Canberra likely to suffer a termite attack and termite damage not covered by home insurance, annual termite inspections are a vital part of home ownership. Even in Winter termites can be active, eating away without you noticing. Ethical Building and Pest Services are experienced in termite management and have the licenses and insurance to provide comprehensive termite inspections. Learn more...

Why is a rodent bait treatment a good idea?

Winter in the main rodent season as rats and mice look to come inside for protection from the cold. Setting up bait stations in the roof void is a great way to stop them setting up home or taking care of the occasional intruder before they start to breed. Learn more about our rodent control services and tips to prevent a rodent problem.