Why do I need a handover inspection?

Most homeowners don't have the expert knowledge or expertise to judge whether there are construction defects (big or small) with the building and whether the finish is of an appropriate standard. Even if defects are picked up by the owner, it can be very difficult to raise with the builder and get a satisfactory outcome, especially if the final payment has already been paid. A handover inspection by an independent inspector will detail all defects (hopefully there won't be many, but there are always a few) and provide you with a documented list to present to the builder. The builder is then required to fix the agreed defects.

When should I have the handover inspection?

It is important that a list of all potential defects are provided to the builder within 90 days of handover - this is called the Defect Liability Period. If the defects are not brought to the builders attention before the end of this period they have no legal requirement to fix some of the quality and finish defects. However, other more serious defects have a longer period of protection. Non-structural defects, such as leaking showers, can be raised with the builder up to 2 years after handover and structural defects, such as cracked walls, can be raised up to 6 years after handover.

However, the best option is to get the handover inspection report carried out after the house has been completed and before the final payment has been made. The incentive to get the final payment tends to get defects fixed quite rapidly!

What's involved in the handover inspection?

The handover report will focus on three key questions

  • Is the house constructed to the required standards?
  • Is the quality and finish of the work to the require standard?
  • Are all the inclusions in place as per your contract?

Ethical Building and Pest Services will go through the property in detail checking the structure and quality of the workmanship and assess the actual inclusions with those specified in the contract.

At the end of the inspection, you will have a comprehensive report to present to the builder. Of course if you have any issues in getting the builder to make the requested changes you can always give us a call and we will try to help - all part of the service!

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