Most of the questions we get asked are about inspections prior to property purchase, which is not surprising - it's a big decision! We have covered the common questions below, but if we haven't answered your question, please give us a ring - we here to help and put you at ease.

Do I have to provide an inspection report if I am selling my house?

In the ACT - YES!  ACT legislation prohibits a person advertising a property for sale without a comprehensive package of information about your property including reports on building, pests (termites), compliance (planning permissions for all structures) and energy rating.

In NSW there is no obligation for the home seller to provide an inspection report. If you are a buyer in NSW is is very much "buyer beware" and so important for buyers to obtain the necessary inspections and reports.

How do I provide these reports to my Solicitor prior to advertising my property?

Don’t worry!  It might sound like a lot of administration but at Ethical Building and Pest Services we manage the whole thing for you.  We will take your solicitors contact details and liaise directly with them on all aspects of your inspections if you prefer. Once you book Ethical Building and Pest Services you can choose to have as much or as little involvement with your inspections as you like.

Do the inspections add extra expense to the sale of my house?

No. Once the house is sold the seller is actually reimbursed 100% of the cost of the building and pest inspection reports by the buyer. 

What happens if I have a structure on my property that does not have planning permission?

Current legislation only requires that an unapproved structure is disclosed, which is fully covered within the compliance report, however if you wish to have the structure approved so as not to impact on your sale, we at Ethical Building and Pest Services are only too happy to give advice and recommendations to achieve approval.

Does the seller have to provide inspection reports for an apartment or Unit?

No.  In the ACT if you are purchasing a unit or apartment the seller doesn’t have to provide an inspection package unlike when they are selling a house.  So if you are buying an apartment or unit it is in your best interests to obtain your own building compliance and pest report from the most reputable in the business.  With a Ethical Building and Pest Services report, you have the peace of mind that the huge purchase you are making does not have any unforeseen problems waiting to cause issues in the future.

Are all Building Inspections equal?

No.  As reported in the Canberra Times there are unqualified inspectors in the ACT.  A trend is emerging in which home sellers are engaging inspectors who issue favourable reports in preference to qualified inspectors who may issue a more thorough and detailed report. Unfortunately such practice is causing very costly mistakes to buyers and in some instances sellers are even being sued.

How do I know Ethical Building and Pest Services is my best choice?

At Ethical Building and Pest Services we believe it is important to protect both sellers and buyers. A thorough and detailed report provides the "Seller" not only with the unbiased report, but a full consultation on how best to repair damage before sale. Our reputation is so solid in the ACT region that the "Seller" also has the confidence that the "Buyer" will not hold up settlement because the "Buyer" is not satisfied with the reports that have been provided by the "Seller".

If you are a buyer who has commission Ethical Building and Pest Service, you have the confidence that your new home has been thoroughly inspected by an unbiased, inspector with over 15 years experience (and a whole lot of integrity).

How long does it take to get my inspection report to my solicitor?

At Ethical Building and Pest Services, our office is run by Rebecca (who is also one of the business owners), who create our comprehensive reports from Mick Ffrench's unbiased assessment.  We are therefore able to provide the report to you and your solicitor within just 24 hours of completion of your inspection. 

If I am the buyer can I get inspection reports done in addition to the one provided by the seller?

YES!  And unless your seller has used Ethical Building and Pest Services to do the inspection, this is certainly something you should consider when buying your most valuable asset. Sadly there are inspectors out there who are poorly qualified, uninsured or are purposely acting in the bias of the seller. Here at Ethical Building and Pest Services we are often asked by Buyers to reinspect properties that already have a report provided by the Seller. This is an indication of the trust clients place in Ethical Building and Pest Services due to our thoroughness, professionalism & independence.

If I am buying a New Construction is an inspection necessary?

Absolutely! ‘New’ is no guarantee against problems. While many new homes are well built, we regularly find defects. To this end we recommend a Ethical Building and Pest Services report to be carried out prior to completion of the ninety day maintenance period.

Can a Property "FAIL" an inspection?

No. A professional inspection is an examination of the property's current condition. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value, nor a council inspection, which verifies compliance to local government legislation. Ethical Building and Pest Services will not pass or fail a property, but will describe in a comprehensive report its physical condition and indicate what may need repair or replacement.

Do I need separate firms for building and pest inspections?

No. All inspections by Ethical Building and Pest Services are carried out by Mick Ffrench a fully qualified building inspection and pest professional with many years experience. By having both reports provided by the same company, it gives you the convenience of dealing with one company for all your report requirements.

What if my report reveals problems?

No property is perfect. If your inspector identifies defects, it doesn't usually mean the property is not fit only that you will know in advance what to expect and can solve any minor problems before they become a real hazard.

Can you quote my renovation costs?

Although Mick Ffrench is a qualified carpenter, Ethical Building and Pest Services do not provide estimates or carry out repair work. The aim of Ethical Building and Pest Services is to remain completely independent and focus solely on your inspection. As a result we generally suggest you contact the Master Builders Association to obtain details of appropriate tradesman, if estimates for repair work are required.

How do Ethical Building and Pest Services fees compare?

When you are buying a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars, getting a cheap inspection probably shouldn't be your first thought. It is more important for you to identify a company you can trust to provide you with detailed, unbiased reports. You could save many times the cost of your inspection, in identifying issues picked up by an experience inspector..... issues that if missed during a "cheap" inspection, could cost you a fortune.

That said, fees at Ethical Building and Pest Services are very competitive, especially when you consider the expertise we provide couple with the personal attention you can only get from a small local business, including free ongoing support throughout the sale or purchase process.