How can Ethical Building and Pest Service help?

Ethical Building and Pest Services provide independent and unbiased reports, vital for home buyers to make an informed decision about the property they are interested in. There are three key reports every home buyer should have on a property they are interested in

Building inspection report

A building report ensures that the property you are about to purchase has no major structural or major maintenance issues. Major issues aren't necessarily a reason not to buy a property (although they may be!) but they certainly can influence the selling price.

Pest inspection report

More accurately called a timber pest inspection report, this inspection assesses the property for termite activity, termite damage and termite conducive conditions as well as borer activity and any timber decay. With CSIRO estimating at least 1 in 5 homes show a history of termite attack, this is not an inspection to ignore.

Compliance report

It's amazing the number of properties that have not been built to regulation and even more common the number of properties that have had renovations or "improvements" completed without the require approvals and building certificates. Buying a property with unapproved improvements could cause problems for you as the new owner and further down the line, when you try to sell, it may impact the future sale price or even cause a sale to fall through.

This report focuses on compliance of the existing residence, renovations and other structures - ensuring they have approved plans, certificates and meet building regulations.

Whilst many reports are full of legal terms and technical jargon, Ethical Building and Pest Services provide comprehensive, plain English inspection reports for ease of understanding. All of our inspections are carried out in accordance with:

  • Australian Standards 4349.1 (1995) for building and compliance reports
  • Australian Standard 4349.3 (1998) for timber pest reports

In addition to the comprehensive reports, we are more than happy to meet you on site at the time of the inspection to discuss the results of the inspection or give you a call to discuss at a time that suits.

We are happy to provide all the reports as a package or carry out a single inspection if that's what is required.
Give us a call or contact us to book an inspection or ask us a question

Using technology to give you peace of mind

We use a range of equipment to help us and give you that extra confidence including moisture meters and the Termatrac T3i termite detector, which can pick up termite activity behind walls.

The Termatrac contains a moisture meter, thermal sensor and motion detector, which allows our inspectors to pick up the hidden signs of termite activity.

Termatrac and termites