Why does a home buyer need their own inspection reports?

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In the ACT, by law, owners selling residential houses need to provide a range of reports and documents to potential buyers. These include the building and pest inspections. Often the buyers take these documents at face value to save a bit of money. However, there are two very good reasons why buyers should consider getting their own building and pest inspections

1) A second opinion is always a good idea. When you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, spending a couple of hundred on a second opinion makes sense. What if the seller's inspector missed something? It could actually save you thousands. Even if the second report gives you the same opinion on the property, then you have extra peace of mind.

2) There could be a potential conflict of interest in the generation of the sellers documentation. If the inspection company providing the sellers reports get referral business from the real estate selling the property, this represents a conflict of interest. An inspection company finding all possible faults with a property and therefore potentially effecting the sale price would not be too popular with the real estate agent selling the property. If the inspection company continued to be "too thorough" they may stop getting referrals from the real estate agent.

At the end of the day, remember the sellers inspection company is acting on behalf of the seller not you, the buyer. If you are buying a property you may want to have your own independent reports, particularly for the building and pest inspections.

Why choose Ethical Building and Pest Services?

Ethical Building and Pest Services provide independent and unbiased reports, vital for home buyers to make an informed decision about the property they are interested in.

All of our inspections are carried out by Mick Ffrench, the owner of Ethical Building and Pest Services, who is a qualified building inspector and pest manager with over 15 years experience. You can be sure you are getting get the best inspection service with that personal touch.

We use a range of equipment to help us and give you that extra confidence including moisture meters and the Termatrac T3i termite detector, which can pick up termite activity behind walls.

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What reports do we provide?

Ethical Building and Pest Services can carry out the same inspections and searches that are provided by the seller. We can provide them all in one complete package or we can carry out just one of the inspections if there is an area of particular concern.

There are 4 key reports that the owner of a residential house in the ACT should provide to potential buyers

  • Building Report: A building report ensures that the property you are about to purchase has no major structural or major maintenance issues.
  • Compliance Report: This report focuses on compliance of the existing residence, renovations and other structures - ensuring they have approved plans, certificates and meet building regulations. There are a number of included documents;
    • certificate of occupancy
    • survey certificate
    • approved building plans
    • drainage plan
    • a building file summary sheet
  • Timber Pest Report: Termite attack represents the highest risk to your home (higher than fire, flood and natural disaster combined!) and its not covered by home insurance. It is vital you satisfy yourself that the building you are purchasing is free of wood destroying insects such as termites (white ants) and borers as well as timber decay.
  • Energy Rating Report: A professional energy efficacy rating (EER) report assesses the energy efficiency of the property.

Ethical Building and Pest Services provide comprehensive, plain English inspection reports for ease of understanding. All of our inspections are carried out in accordance with:

  • Australian Standards 4349.1 (1995) for building and compliance reports
  • Australian Standard 4349.3 (1998) for timber pest reports
  • ACT house energy rating scheme for energy efficiency rating statements

In addition to the comprehensive reports, we are more than happy to meet you on site at the time of the inspection to discuss the results of the inspection or give you a call to discuss at a time that suits.

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